Snack Bites

Life is too short to miss out on great snacks, especially the peanut buttery, super satisfying, made-with-wholesome-oats kind. Tastes great and crushes cravings? It’s not too good to be true — it’s Snack Bites.

  • Total control. Individually packaged to take the willpower out of snacking.
  • Sweet satisfaction. Good nutrition should taste good and feel good.
  • Snack smarter, not harder. 5 grams of protein to stay fuller, longer.
  • Fast-track your fast day. Intermittent fasting friendly.
  • Skip stress, not snacks. 100 calories in every bite.
  • Crush Cravings
    Cravings are distracting. Snack Bites help you stay focused on reaching your goals instead of whatever is left in the office vending machine.
    Snack Smart
    Can’t imagine a life without snacks? We can’t either. All the delicious satisfaction of your favorite peanut butter cookie dough, but full of protein and fiber alongside the great flavor. And individually packaged to take the just-one-more-handful drama out of snacking.
    Any Day, Every Time
    With 100 calories and 5 grams of protein, every day can be a snack day. Snack Bites are here for your busy mornings, fast days, gym days, and the days with only five minutes between each meeting.
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What’s Inside

Looking like a snack!

Peanut butter’s new sidekick. Jelly is out, wholesome oats are in. Oh, and fava beans for extra protein.
Dream Team
What goes great with 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber? Monk fruit extract for a naturally sweet taste, obviously.
Rise and Shine
DNF-10 is the specialized yeast peptide found in baker’s yeast, giving you long-lasting fullness in every bite.
Frequently Asked

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4.6 Of 5 By 342 Users
May 01,2021
Connie Koehn

Very enjoyable for that quick snack. Has great flavor and packed with nutrients you need.

April 30,2021
Maureen Williams

These magic little gems are the very reason I can get thru a cleanse day like a professional. I love them anytime. Not only are they filling but most importantly they are delicious. A must have...I actually prefer these to the bars!

April 21,2021
Trish Manley

Love them! Great in a cleanse day or a snack any day! Absolutely loved the brownie flavor! Please bring back again or better yet make a staple!

April 17,2021
Rose Zeschke

I like the bites but have never enjoyed eating cookie dough. It's a little thick for my taste but it's an ok treat that fills you up & is easy to put into your pocket for a quick pick me up. I've purchased it again & will continue to do so. It's very convenient.

April 14,2021
Gee Smith

Oh my goodness! I can eat them everyday and they are the best snacks in my opinion

April 12,2021
Tatiana Bigelow

taste really good and has even oats flakes that you can see

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